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crarrinfo - Posted on 07 April 2012

CRARR’s strength lies on interns from law and social science programs from universities in Montreal and Ottawa. We acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our interns who collectively represent a rich, dynamic and diverse pool of talents for the advancement of our clients’ rights and freedoms:

Abbie Buckman
Anastasia Kalmykov
Amanda Farrace
Amanda Wurah
Amirah Arif
Anna Milner
Brandy deGaia
Cameron McKeich
Carla Dombowsky
Catheryne Houde Collins
Chantelle Dallas
Cyndi Piu
David Suk
Dan Peng
Dayeon Min
Didier Chelin
Emily Bandiola
Hamza Mohamadhossen
Jack Zhao
Jean-Philippe Maltais
Jeelan Syed
Jeremy Dyck
Jessica De Santi
Jingyi Xu
Julien Ayotte
Katrina Sole Kähler
Kristal Samsara Gabet
Lana Belber
Marie-Alice Daoust
Myriam Chakir
Nadir Khan
Natasha Petrof
Nicholas Audifax
Nigel Hessing
Qingqing Zhou
Rachelle Rose
Rebecca Louis
Robert Obadia
Romita Sur
Roy Liu
Sabrina Mach
Saïd Assiani
Sara Pierre
Shereen Aly
SoYoung Lee
Talya Kornitzer
Tiran Rahimian
Victoria Stotland
Wilfrid Mopin
Ying Liang
Yulia Yugay