Founded in 1983 - United for Diversity and Racial Equality


How many persons of color do you see on television during prime-time on CBC, CTV, TVA, or Global TV?

Do you think that television programming respects the Broadcasting Act and reflects “the circumstances and aspirations, of Canadian men, women and children, including equal rights, the linguistic duality and multicultural and multiracial nature of Canadian society and the special place of aboriginal peoples within that society”?

In 1990, CRARR took part in parliamentary procedures to ask the federal legislator to insert the word “multiracial” after the word “multicultural” to ensure the visibility of racialized Canadians. Yet, almost 20 years later, the number of faces of news anchors, reporters, program hosts, comedians, or actors in commercials that reflect our racial and ethnic diversity can still be counted on two hands.

In the 90’s, CRARR also made a number of representations so that the CRTC, the federal organization which regulates audiovisual media in Canada, would require television license holders to prepare an annual report on equity and diversity. It is important to note that federal Employment Equity Act already requires these license holders to implement measures to ensure equitable representation of visible minorities, women, disabled persons, and Aboriginal persons within their operations.

Check this page regularly for information regarding CRTC notices of hearings, particularly regarding license renewal hearings, and decisions that involve diversity. NB. None of the present Commissioners are from racialized groups.

CRARR encourages you to participate in these hearings by submitting your comments and asking for the imposition of “Conditions of Licenses” on broadcasters who you feel do not adequately represent racial and ethnic diversity on their radio and airwaves. Since these licenses are normally reviewed only once every seven years, this is your chance make the CRTC aware of your expectations and demands at We will also post our submissions for you to read and use as examples, if necessary.

You have the power to make YOUR television the mirror of OUR society. Write, ask, be heard, and contact us to join forces! Together, we can influence the license renewals and demand to be present, visible, and heard on our television screens!